Wonderful, Colorful Holiday Gift Wrapping Ideas

The holidays are coming up fast and most of us dread the idea of having to wrap all those gifts for kids and adults. Many of us need an extra hand in how to go about wrapping the gifts to make them look perfect and a pleasure to receive. Here are a few ideas you can do to make your gifts stand out from all the rest under the tree.

Take Out Cartons

These are a great idea for those smaller gifts of cookies or jewelry. Take out cartons come in indifferent sizes and you can wrap them with colorful tissue paper. A nice streamer of ribbon, curled and tied to the handle makes it a special gift to give.

The Give Luck Reusable Give Bag

This delightful sack is 100 percent organic cotton. You can bundle any kind of gift in the sack and add a holiday message to your recipient.

Plaid Gift Wrap

Great for those P. J.’s. Plaid paper under the tree will make for a colorful statement.

Canvas Gift Bag

A recycled canvas tote will help you keep track of who you give gifts to for years. With reusable gift tags you can personalize your gift and be eco-friendly.

Gold and Silver

A beautiful idea is to mix gold ribbon on silver paper. It makes the gift look elegant with all its sparkle.

A Velvet Rose

Add a large velvet rose to the package where the ends meet. It will give your candy boxes a special touch, and everyone loves a rose. The beautiful red color of velvet will bring everyone’s eyes to that special package.

Children’s Gifts

Surprise the child with a gift on a gift. Once the package is wrapped, add a small toy under the ribbon that you know the child will like. A small animal or doll with give the child a special treat.

When Your Gift is Too Big for Paper

Rocking chairs, dollhouses and bikes are common gifts for the holidays. The problem is they are too big to wrap. Try wrapping them up in colorful lights. Cover as much or as little as you want with holiday lights. Using twist ties, fishing line or ribbon will keep the cords secured. Do not worry about the position of the light. The crazy directions of the lights will make it more festive.

A Sampler of Money

For a more fun and personal way to give money, place different cash amounts in small boxes inside a larger box, along with some toys or little candy treats. Fold or roll the dollar bills and tie them with ribbons or twine. Place them in the small boxes or use different colored cupcake liners. The recipient will be delighted to unwrap each small package.

Ideas for Left Over Wrapping Paper

With all those holiday wrapping papers that you used, you are surly to have a bunch of scraps left over. Do not throw them out. With the holiday ornaments on sale after the holidays, pick up a couple of packages. The small silver ends come of easy and you can add colorful cut up scraps to the inside. Use the clear ornaments if you can. The scraps of paper will pick up the lights from the tree and you will have something different on your tree for next year.


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